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Gamla (Aramaic: “Camel”) is an important ancient Jewish city located on a pointed cliff in the Golan heights, somewhat in the shape of a hump of a camel, hence its name.

Gamla was attacked, conquered and destroyed by the Roman in 67 CE.

gamla wallUnlike Masada, at Gamla the Jews fought back against the Romans and non of them deliberately committed suicide.

Yet Gamla’s location was not even known before 1968, and so despite the impressive remains recovered of the Jewish Heroism at the site, it is not as known and as visited as Masada.

gamla synagogueA full visit to the site is a 4 hours hike, but from the view point much of the site can be seen and appreciated, as well as a nesting cliffs area of Griffon vultures, and a nice waterfall (“Gamla waterfall”).


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