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Hippos Sussita (“Horse” in both Greek and Aramaic) was a Pagan city built on top of a large cliff overlooking the Sea of Galilee in Hellenistic times. Sussita thrived for about a thousand years until its final destrcution by an earthquake in 749 CE.

sussita view of the sea of galileeIt’s rich remains include a main street (“Decumanos”) a temple, a cathedral, four churches, a forum, a possible ruler shrine (“Kyble”), and an Odeon.  In 2019 a fifth church was found at the site, with decoration alluding the miracle of the multiplication of Loaves and Fish (Mark 6).

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Hippos-Sussita is in the Golan Heights , on a hill above the Sea of Galilee . Contact me for a proposal of a full day tour to the Galilee, that will also include a visit to Hippos-Sussita. 

My Friends, Sergio and Rhoda, Presenting Hippos-Sussita

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(8/2019) New church found with decoration alluding to the “miracles of the multiplication of Loaves and fish”

 In a recent article in “Haaretz” a sensational new discovery was presented – a mosaic floor of another church found in Hippos-Sussita . A discovery of an ancient church is not that rare, and four churches were already discovered in Sussita alone, but this was the first to be found at the site with an almost complete mosaic floor intact, and its decoration include fish and baskets, two of baskets even bearing 5  loaves of bread, matching the textual description of the “Miracle of the mulitplication of the loaves and fish (Mark 6).  While it is indeed tempting to suggest that