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Nahalat Binyamin Arts and Crafts Fair

Set in the heart of Tel-Aviv, Nahalat Binyamin was established in 1911 as a colony next early Tel-Aviv. Unlike its neighboring Rothschild boulevard, most of Nahalat Binyamin’s original buildings are still standing, many are now restored with loving hands. A walk along its main street, with all the Bauhaus and eclectic style bright structures, feels like a going through a set prepared for a 1930s movie scene.

Arts and Crafts Fair Established

nahalat binyamin crafts fair glass workSince 1987, twice a week the main street turns into a colorful pedestrian market, where about 220 local artisans present their own special crafts. From blown glass miniatures, to Ethiopian style pottery and woodworks, this market is a burst of creativity and fun for the whole family. The artists are selected by a special committee and must demonstrate originality and creativity. Some show how they form their creations at the market itself, nest to occasional street performers. With so much to see, experience and shop, it is no surprise that the fair is a popular destination, by locals and tourists alike.

Visiting the Nahalat Binyamin fair

The fair operates twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday, between 10:00 to 18:00 (in the winter till 16:30). It is a fun getaway while staying in Tel-aviv, and a great place to purchase unique souvenirs to take back home.

Points of Interest in the Area

sheinkin streetNahalat Binyamin is parallel to Tel-Aviv’s main outdoor market  – Hacaemel market and it is best to combine a visit to both. Furthermore, Nahalat Binyamin’s northern end leads into the hippest street in Tel-Aviv – Sheinkin street. Stylish Boutique stores and locals live and gather here, to see and be seen, both here, and at avenue at Sheinkin’s northern end – Rothschild Boulevard.

Strolling along these streets combined, you unveil the heart of Tel-Aviv and its fascinating special local culture, architecture, people and places.

A visit to the site can be combined with a guided day tour of Jaffa and Tel-Aviv.

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