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Mount Berenice

mount bereniceA jagged cliff some 200 m aboove ancient Ancient Tiberias  and the Sea of Galilee excavated by the late Prof. Y. Hirschfeld in search of the palace of Herod Antipas and his scandalous grand-doughter, princess  Berenice. She was the wife of her uncle Herod of Chalkis, later the companion of her brother Agrippa II (Acts  25:13), and later she almost married emperor Titus (!).

mount berenice anchorApperently in the Byzantine period the Herodian palace was completly replaced with a Christian church devoted to a stone anchor, either because it was believed to beused once by one of the Disciples, and/or perhaps it symbolised the Christian faith (“We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure” (Heb. 6:19).

The church suffered from the severe 749 CE, but was repaired and continued to be in use up to the explusion of the Crusaders in the 13th century.

From the mountain top one can get an excellent view of Ancient Tiberias , the Golan Heights Capernaum , and Mt. Hermon .


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