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Petra’s high place of sacrifice is on a summit along Petra’s southern ridge. The climb to it from the city consists of 700 steps, and is passes through several monuments. Among them are two Egyptian style obelisks carved in the rock, each 6 m high. They possibly represent the two chief Nabatean deities – Dushara and Al Uzzah, although their Arabic name is “Zib Attuf” (“The merciful phallus“). The High Place of Sacrifice consists of rectangular elevated platform, approached by a set of stairs. Next to it is a niche to drain the blood of the sacrifice and a shallow rectangular pool. On a hilltop next to the high place are massive walls of a Crusaders-era fort. Its stones are possibly recycled from a former Nabatean or Roman building that stood at the same spot.

Did the Nabatean Prefrom Human Sacrifice?

A Nabatean inscription from Madai’n selah suggest daunting possibility that the Nabateans may have sacrificed even Humens. The inscription reads: “abd-Wadd, priest of Eadd, and his son Salim, and Zayd-Wadd, have consecrated the young man Salim to be immolated to Dhu Gabat“.

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