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Private Tour to Ashkelon

Ashkelon is a coastal city in the southern district of Israel, 60 km South of Tel-Aviv  .

Ashkelon was settled since prehistoric times, and was a significant city in Philistine times, and again in Roman, Byzantine and Crusdars periods. Sample of finds from all periods can be seen in its national park.

there is also a nice exhibitions of finds from Ashkelon at the local “Afridar” center of the modern city, including highly ornate burial coffins (“Sarcophagus”) from Roman times.


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Ashkelon is in the southern part of the coastal plain, some 45 minutes drive from Tel-Aviv  Contact me for a tour proposal that will include a visit to Ashkelon.

Private Tour to Ashkelon Location Map

Points of Interest in the Area

  yad mordechai Yad Mordechai 
beer-sheva telBeer-Sheva
Day tour to Ashkelon and the border with Gaza