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Planning a tour abroad is a tedious task, and especially to Israel! Having a Jewish character, flights, public transportation, and eve restaurants are limited on the Shabbath and Jewish Holidays; On Christian and Muslim Holidays certain sites are closed – or packed; and due to political tension certain sites at certain time should be avoided..

What to Expect From Your Christian Tour to Israel?

Israel is the historical cradle of Christianity and being so, it bears many sites that are sacred to the Christians. Some have developed into Churches, some are still active archaeological sites. A few are under the control of the Palestinian Authority, and some are Israeli National parks. Prepare to be surprised, as each site has its own story, history, archaeology, and politics.

So How Do You Plan a Christian Themed Tour to Israel?

To best plan a Christian themed tour to Israel, you need to consider its timing, length, and amount of members you wish to include in your tour.

What is the Best Time to Book Your Christian Tour to Israel?

First of all, try to avoid coming in Easter and Christmas. On these holidays the Holy Christian sites are especially crowded, and it is also hard to find available guide, vans, and hotels.

July August months are also not a recommended time to tour Israel. Sites tend to get crowded, and it can be quite hot. On the other hand winter in Israel are quite mild, and so January-February can actually be a great time to visit the Holy Land.

How Many Days Should you Tour Israel?

For Christians the 5 main pilgrimage / tour destinations in Israel are –


Most of these sites require a full day tour, and so we recommend a minimum of 3 days tour to cover the following –


Yet such a tour will be quite rushed. If you can set a 4 days tour, we recommend the following –


If you can set a 5 days tour we highly recommend spending a night in the north, and then you will cover the following –


And if you can spear 6-7 days for such a tour, we recommend the following –


How to Choose the Right Christian Tour for you?

Each tour proposal has its pros and cons, but basically the more days you can spend on such a tour, the more you will enjoy and appreciate it! Ins fact – see many more Christian themed multi day tour proposals of the Holy land.

And you can always contact us and together we will set your own private and customized dream-tour to Israel!

We look forward to hearing from you 😊

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