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Wadi Rum is one of the most beautiful deserts in the world. Its lunar-like extraordinary landscape can be explored in various ways, including a unique overnight experience. The options range from rudimentary Bedouin tents and lodges to luxury-level ‘Bubbles’ or ‘Martian domes’ campsites. Some lodges even have a swimming pool and offer ATV rentals. The “Martian Tents”  are domed structures made of partially transparent plastic. They create an illusion of sleeping under the brilliant night sky while lying comfortably in a king-size bed with linen sheets.  All campsites offer both dinner and breakfast and after dinner, you are invited to join a bonfire and listen to some live Bedouin music while sipping Bedouin tea. Some facilities also offer a stargazing session at night, with telescopes and laser pointers.

Sleeping in any of these accommodations is a unique experience, absorbing the desert’s special night atmosphere.

An overnight stay in Wadi Rum can be combined with a two-day tour to Wadi Rum and Petra or a multi-day tour of Jordan.

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