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8 Days Tour of Jordan

Eight Days Tour of Jordan

Embark on a multi-day adventure through Jordan’s diverse landscapes and rich history. Discover Petra’s archaeological treasures and wander in the desert of Wadi Rum. Explore ancient Roman ruins in Jerash, reach Machaerus, where John the Baptist was executed, and see the Holy Land from Mount Nebo. If you wish to explore Jordan in-depth, and especially from a Biblical and archaeological perspective, this tour is perfect for you!

Day 1 – Off-Road in Wadi Rum

Crossing into Jordan near Eilat, your first stop will be the Aqaba Fortress. Established by the Mamluks as a khan for Muslim pilgrims, the fort is now a historical landmark, whose entrance is now decorated with the coat-of-arms of the Hashemites. Next is the colossal-scale Aqaba flagpole, commemorating the Great Arab Revolt and the 1917 battle of Aqaba. Nearby, admire the Ummayad-era remains of Ayla and head to Wadi Rum. In Wadi Rum, enjoy a genuine Bedouin Lunch experience followed by a 2-4 hour off-road tour on the back of pickup trucks or ATV in the majestic landscapes of Wadi Rum. Admire the lunar-shaped views and track prehistorical petroglyphs from 12,000 years ago. Upon reaching Wadi Musa, check into the hotel. After dinner, consider joining the Petra Night Tour.

Overnight: Petra

Day 2 – Discover Petra


This day is all devoted to exploring Petra! Start with a long and dramatic walk along the gorge (Siq) leading into this legendary city. Along the way, you will see various carvings of figures and representations of Nabatean deities. Upon reaching the “treasury”  (Al-Khazneh), take a break to admire this iconic tomb façade. Continue into the old city, passing by its ancient theatre, royal tombs, and triumphal arch. Next to the city’s main temple (“Qasr el-bint”), have a lunch break, followed by an optional hike to the “monastery” (Ad Deir) monument; or Petra’s High Place of Sacrifice.

Overnight: Petra

Day 3 – Hike to Aaron’s Tomb

tomb of aaronYour last day in Petra will be devoted to reaching Aaron’s alleged Tomb (“Jabel Haroun”). The 7 hours hike is challenging, but it is a rewarding experience. Aside from the sacred site, Aaron’s Tomb provides stunning views of the surrounding landscapes. In the afternoon, your guide will lead you to Ayn Musa. According to local Bedouin tradition, this perennial spring was formed by Moses striking a rock with his staff (Number 20:2-13). Associating Moses with the site also gave the village around its name – Wadi Musa.

Overnight: Petra

Day 4 – Soak in Ma’in Hot Springs

main hot springsHeading north, your first stop will be the Medieval castle of Shobak. Established by Baldwin I of Jerusalem in 1115 AD, it was later used by Raynald of Chatillon to raid Muslim caravans passing through the region. In 1189 AD, after a two-year siege, Saladin captured the site. Later, the Ayyubids and Mamluks restored and enlarged the fort. Next, passing by Dana Biosphere Reserve and Biblical Sela, you will reach Lot’s Cave. According to Centuries-old tradition, Lot hid with his daughters after the violent destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Nearby, at Bab edh-Dhra, track prehistorical remains attributed to biblical Sodom. Following a scenic ride along the eastern side of the Dead Sea, you will reach Ma’in Hot Springs. Here, you can enjoy the hotel amenities combined with thermal waterfalls.

Overnight: Ma’in Hot Springs spa hotel

Day 5 – Reach John The Baptist Execution Site

Today’s first stop will be one of the most important sites in early Christian history – Machaerus. Here, in 29 AD, King Herod Antipas executed John the Baptist for criticizing him. Aside from its historical significance, the site also provides breathtaking panoramas of the Dead Sea and the Judean Desert. Next, a scenic route will lead to the plains of Moab and the capital of the biblical Moabites – Dibon. In the late 19th century, Bedouins uncovered here one of the most critical documents in biblical history – the Mesha stele. Nearby, at  Umm Ar-Rasas, stroll along the ruins of the Byzantine-era town and review some of its renowned mosaic floors.

Overnight: Madaba or Amman

Day 6 – View the Promised Land from Mount Nebo

Explore Madaba fantastic ancient mosaic floors, and especially the famous ‘Madaba Map’. Formed on the turn of the 7th Century AD, this exceptional mosaic floor provides the oldest known map of the Holy Land and in detail. Next, ascend to the top of Mount Nebo where, by centuries’ old tradition Moses saw the Promised Land, and died. Visit the Byzantine-era monastic complex, and appreciate the spectacular panoramas of the Promised Land, the Land of Israel. In the Valley below reach the Jordanian side of the Baptism site. Known as “Bethany Beyond the Jordan” (John 1:28), the site combines churches of ancient and modern times next to the Jordan River.

Overnight: Madaba, Jerash or Amman

Day 7 – The Amazing Ruins of Jerash

Jerash (ancient Gerasa) is one of the best-preserved Roman cities. Start your tour at Hadrian Triumphal Arch, marking his imperial visit to the region in 130 AD. Continue through the city’s Hippodrome, where some locals still run their horses. Passing its main gate, see Jerash’s famous over the plaza, followed by its main monuments along the city’s Cardo Maximus. Nearby, consider also visiting the Medieval Muslim fort of Ajloun and Pella. At Jordan’s northern end, visit ancient Gadara. Famed for its philosophers and thermal baths in Roman times, Gadara boasts a variety of finds from classical times, as well as incredible panoramas of Northern Israel.

Overnight: Amman

Day 8 – Unveiling Amman

The Last day will be devoted to exploring Amman, Jordan’s capital. The Citadel, its main tour attraction, combines remains of Hercules Temple, an Umayyad-era palace, and Jordan’s National Museum. Nearby are the reconstructed Roman-era theater, Odeon, and the New Jordan Museum, where the Copper Scroll is displayed. If it’s time, I suggest you consider visiting Iraq Al-Amir. Tuviah, a Jewish tax collector in Hellenistic times, formed this estate. It is exceptionally preserved, combining various architectural styles. You can head to the airport or the Allenby border crossing, depending on your departure schedule. Farewell!

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