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8 Days Tour of Jordan

The Hashemite kingdom of Jordan is a spectacular country and tourist destination. Neighbouring Israel, it was an integral part of the “Holy Land” in antiquity. If you wish to explore Jordan in-depth, and especially from a Biblical and archaeological perspective, we could offer you the following itinerary.

Day 1 – Off-Road in Wadi Rum

Crossing into Jordan near Eilat, we first search for Biblical Ezion Gever, and visit in Aqaba the Aqaba Fortress, and the Aqaba Archaeological Museum. Next we drive to Wadi Rum for an authentic Bedouin lunch experience, followed by an off-road tour on the back of pickup trucks, or by ATV in the majestic landscapes of Wadi Rum. Upon reaching Wadi Musa, we check into our hotel. After dinner, there is an option to go for the Petra Night Tour.

Overnight: Petra

Day 2 – Discover Petra

petra khazaneThis day is all devoted to exploring Petra!. We start with a long and dramatic walk along the Siq up to the Al-Khazneh (English for – The Treasury), and continue into the ancient city with its fascanating monuments!. Next to Temple of Dusares (“Qasr el-bint”) we have a lunch break, and then continue to Ad Deir; or the High Place of Sacrifice; or Little Petra.

Overnight: Petra

Day 3 – Hike to Aaron’s Tomb

On our last day in Petra we will go for a long hike to the alleged  Tomb of Aaron (“Jabel Haroun”), and Umm el-Biyara, learning about Biblical traditions in the vicinity of Petra.

Overnight: Petra

Day 4 – To Ma’in Hot Springs

Checking out we will visit “Ayn Musa” (“Moses’ Spring”) in Wadi Musa, and then head north.  Our first stop will be the remarkable remains of the Mediavel castle of Shobak. Next we will descend to the area of the Dead Sea where we visit Lot’s Cave, and nearby explore the ruins of Numeirah and Bab Edh-Dhra which possibly relate to Biblical Sodom and Gomorrah. Nearby is also Kh. Qazone which bears a mysterious cemetery from the first Century. At the end of the day we can for a swim at Ma’in Hot Springs, where we will also stay for the night.

Overnight: Ma’in Hot Springs

Day 5 – View the Promised Land from Mount Nebo

mount-nebo-crossWe first drive into Madaba and explore some of its fantastic finds from the Byzantine period, and especially the famous Madaba Map. Next we ascend to the top of Mount Nebo where we will learn about Moses, and appreciate the remarkable collection of ancient mosaic floors.  In front of the church one can also get a SPECTACULAR panorama of the Promised Land, the Land of Israel.

Overnight: Madaba

Day 6 – Where John The Baptist was Executed

Our first stop today will be one of the most important sites in Christian history – Machaerus, the site where John the Baptist was executed, as a result of Saloma’s 7 scarfs dance…

Next we will drive to former capital of the Moabites, Dibon, where we will learn about the famous Mesha Stele.  Nearby we will visit another sites famed for its plethora of mosaic floors – Umm Ar-Rasas. Finally we will head for a stayover in the capital of Jordan – Amman.

Overnight: Amman

Day 7 – Unveiling Amman

The morning will be devoted to exploring the ancient Citadel of Amman, as well as a visit to the Jordan Museum, where one can see the famed Copper Scroll!. Next we drive to the enigmatic and impressive site of Iraq Al-Amir, and by the Jordan river we will review the Baptism of Jesus site at Bethany beyond the Jordan.

Overnight: Amman or Jerash

Day 8 – The Amazing Remains in Jerash

On our last day we will explore two significant and se very well preserved sites from Roman times – Gerasa and Gadara. From Gadara we will also be able to view into Syria, the Golan Heights, and the Sea of Galilee. We will then head to the King Hussein Bridge, to cross back into Israel. If time and will permits, we will also visit ancient Pella.

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    Your guiding was very professional and informational. Your way of explaining with the relevant jokes made the tour extremely interesting. I am sure that our non-Jewish guests were very impressed with the tour and their encounter with bustling Jerusalem and the holy sites for various religions.

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