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On 7.10.23, Hamas launched the worst Terror attack on Israel. They murdered, burnt, raped, and beheaded approximately 1400 Israelis and kidnapped about 250. The following video clips present the sites impacted by the Hamas attack.


Sderot is the biggest Israeli city next to the Gaza Strip. Since 2003, Hamas has targeted the city with rockets, and during the “Iron Swords” war, it fired over 3000 rockets at the city. The Following videos reflect the city in April 2024:

Nova Music Festival Site

Set in a forest about 20 km south of Sderot, the Nova Music Festival turned into a devastating event. Targeted by the Hamas, they murdered 364  and abducted more than 40. The site is now a memorial ground, a place for remembrance of the victims. The following videos reflect the site in April 2024:

Burnt Cars Display

Near Moshav Tkuma is the display of the targeted and burnt cars. Over 1800 vehicles are on display. The charred vehicles serve as a haunting testament to the destruction caused by the Hamas in their attack on 7.10.23.

Kibbutz Nir Oz and Zikim Beach

A visit to any of the Kibbutzim in the area is highly limited, but, if possible, it is a moving experience. The burnt houses serve as a testament to the barbaric and brutal Hamas attack. Zikim Beach is a public beach near Gaza. The Hamas attacked it with speed boats and killed 19 civilians vacationing.

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