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Mount of Olives

Jerusalem private tour Mount of Olives holds several holy sites, and by Jewish tradition it is the place where the Heveanly presence (the “Shekhina”) is residing since the destruction of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, and it will return to the Temple if and when the Jews will rebuild it.

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By Christian tradition it is also the place where Jesus will appear upon his return and before his entry into Jerusalem, introducting the “Kingdom of Heaven”. 

Mount of Olives Viewpoint  is also a great spot for a photo oppurtunity, possible also on a back of a camel or a donkey..

garden of gethsemaneIn the vicinity of Mount of Olives are several places of interest, such as the  Chapel of the Ascension ,  the church of Pater NosterDominus FlevitGarden of Gethsemane,  the Grotto of GethsemaneMary’s Tomb and the Kidron Valley Tombs.

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Mount of Olives is in Eastern Jerusalem.  Contact us for a proposal of a full day tour of Jerusalem, that will also include Mount of Olives and its sites. 

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