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Lot’s Cave

Lot's cave jordanBy a Byzantine period Christian tradition a cave on a cliff opposite the lisan peninsula of the Dead Sea is the very place where Lot and his daughters are said to have lived after fleeing the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. 

Lot's Cave churchDuring their stay, according to the Bible, Lot’s two daughters spiked his drink, had sex with him, and later gave birth to Moab and Ben Ammi, the forefathers of the Moabites and the Ammonite people.  

 In addition to the partially reconstructed ancient church in front of the cave there is also a nice visitors center at the hillside.

Lot's Wife JordanA few miles north one can still see “Lot’s wife” pillar, and next to it two man kissing, which according to local tradition were also turned into stone..




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