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Belvoir  (French: “Beautiful view”)  is the best preserved castle in Israel from the Crusaders period.

Constructed in 1168 CE by the Hospitallers, Belvoir is large fortified complex located on the eastern edge of the Lower Galilee, with an eye connection to  Safed, Mount Tabor, Beit She’an, and especially the bridge over the Jordan River (“Gesher”).

belvoir gateDesigned as a concentric castle belvoir is built like a castle in a castle. It was so well planned and protected, that it took Saladin a year and a half to get the Crusaders of Belvoir to surrender.

The Crusaders castle is built over remains of a jewish village from Talmudic times named “Kokhav”, hence its official Hebrew name “Kokhav Hayarden” (“Star of the Jordan”).

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