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Jerusalem Night Tour

Unique Night Tour of Jerusalem

Jerusalem is the center of Western religions, as it is sacred both to Muslims, Christians, and Jews. With its long, rich and turbulent history, exploring Jerusalem can be a life-long journey. However, if you are very short in time, and limited only to evening hours, we can offer you a Night tour of Jerusalem. This excursion will cover Jerusalem’s main highlights which are open and accessible at night, both in the old city and around it. It will sample its significance and sanctity, but enough to appreciate this fascinating city- and give you a reason to return!

Visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre

holy sepulchre at night

Parking at Mount Zion, our first destination will be reaching the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Nestling in the heart of the Christian Quarter, this is the holiest site in Christendom. Even if we reach it close to its closing time (18:30) we should have enough time to reach the site of the crucifixion of Jesus (the “Golgotha“), the “Stone of Unction”, and the site of Jesus’ burial – and resurrection. We will also review the history and archaeology of this unique complex and its special arrangements for its maintenance.

Reach the Western Wall and King David Tomb Mark

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Next, stroll through the markets of the Quarter and the Jewish Quarter to the plaza facing the Western Wall. You will have an opportunity to touch the stones of this sacred wall, and possibly place a note in its cavities. From a viewpoint above the plaza, we will review the turbulent history of the Temple Mount above the Western Wall. We will try to assess its appearance in the time of King Solomon, in the days of Jesus, and how it developed into a Muslim Sacred zone. After a possible coffee break, continue through the heart of the Jewish Quarter. Review the Hurvah Synagogue and the remains of the Roman-era main avenue (the Cardo), and return to Mount Zion. If still open, visit the Tomb mark of King David, viewing Jews congregate for the evening prayers (Ma’ariv).

Drive along the Capitol Hill and Mea Shearim

mea shearim at night

Continue by car to the Western side of the city. Drive along the Capital hill and learn how Western Jerusalem was established as the Capital of the state of Israel in 1948. In its aftermath, national institutions were established along the ridge known today as the “Capital Hill”. The Parliament building (“Knesset“), the Courthouse and the Israel Museum are just some of the institutions lined up in this national zone. Time permitting we could stop for a dinner at the Mahane Yudah Market, and then continue by car along the Jewish Ultra-Orthodox insular neighborhood of Mea Shearim.

Last Grand View of Jerusalem

If time permits, we can end the day with a grand view of Jerusalem from Mount Scopus. The same hill where Roman general Titus scoped Jerusalem and plotted its conquest and destruction is now home of Jerusalem’s leading academic institution – the Hebrew University. We too will scope the city but bless it to prosper and be in peace.

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    We booked a helicopter tour with Danny in March. Everything perfectly organized from A to Z!! It doesn't get any better! Thanks a lot for this! 100% recommended!

    Albert S,. Germany

    I would like to thank you once again for the really good time we had in Israel, thanks to you. The whole experience… had an amazing impact on me, it made me see things in a different light.. thank you!

    Mieke Van der V., Holland

    My parents cannot stop talking about how you made this trip so amazing!! .. We just loved how you made everything so interesting and educational. Thank you again for everything!!... Israel is lucky to have you.

    Dalia S., USA

    Thank you for an amazing couple of days, we could not have seen half of what we wanted without you. Everything was perfect!

    Allison W,. USA

    Thanks very much for a really special day. I loved being able to go to the special places for Christians.. an everlasting experience for me… And thanks… for your professionalism and deep knowledge and dedication...

    Ann D., New Zealand

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