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Tel Dan

Tel Dan AltarTel Dan is Biblical Dan, the northernmost city in the Israelite kingdom. It is situated next to Ein Dan, the main water source of the Jordan River  , and being so it offers also tracks along water streams and places to swim.

tel dan gate

The archaeological site was excavated by a HUC expedition between 1974 to 1999, and among its rich finds is a Biblical cultic center, and two massive Gate complexes, one from the time of the Israelites and one from the time of the Canaanites (“Abraham’s gate”).

tel dan whorshipIn the complex of the Israelite gate a base of a throne was uncovered. It may have been a seat of a judge or a priest.


tel dan syrian tractor

Between 1948 and 1967 Tel Dan was near the border Israel and Syria, and near it several battles took place over the attempt of the Syrian to divert the sources of the Jordan river. One of the Syrian tractors can still be seen at the site.

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