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Silver Tour Plan, December 2021

Dec 18 (SAT)

  • 19:35 Arrival (U954), Welcome to Israel! VIP service at the airport and transfer to the hotel and wait for PCR results.

Overnight: King David Hotel, Jerusalem


Dec 19 (SUN) – Jerusalem’s Old City

  • 9:45 Depert from the hotel. Enter the Jewish quarter and reach the Western Wall Plaza.
  • 10:20 Join a tour of the Western Wall Tunnels.
  • After the tour: Blessing by a Rabbi at “Azrat Israel”.
  • 12:30 Drive back to the hotel to change clothes and lunch
  • 14:15 Drive back to the old city and walk along the “Stations of the Cross” (Via Dolorosa) to the site of Jesus’ crucifixion (“the Church of the Holy Sepulchre“)
  • Optional shopping time in the local market (Suq).
  • 17:15 back at the hotel.
  • Dinner at the Hotel.

Overnight: King David Hotel, Jerusalem


Dec 20 (MON) – Yad Vashem

  • 9:30 Depart from the Hotel.
  • 10:00 Private tour at the National Holocaust Museum (“Yad Vashem“). Danny takes Alex to the Memorials and the Zoo.
  • 12:45 Lunch at “Derech Hagefen” at Beit Zait.
  • 14:00s –  Private tour at “YVEL” Ethiopian Jewelry.
  • 18:30 Dinner at Mahneyudah restaurant.

Overnight: King David Hotel, Jerusalem


Dec 21 (TUE) – City of David

  • 9:45 Depart from the Hotel.
  • Tour the highlights of the City of David.
  • Lunch at Leisure
  • 14:15 Visit Bier Judaica in Romema
  • 19:00 pick-up for dinner at Chakra
  • 19:15 dinner at Chakra

Overnight: King David Hotel, Jerusalem


Dec 22 (WED) – Israel Museum

  • 9:30 Depart from the Hotel.
  • Morning tour of the Highlights of the Israel Museum.
  • Open afternoon in Jerusalem. Optional visit to Chagall windows.
  • 18:00 Pick-up for
  • 18:15 dinner at Eucalyptus.

Overnight: Jerusalem


Dec 23 (THUR) – Climb Masada

  • 3:30 Depart from the Hotel.
  • 6:00 sunrise climb to Masada.
  • 6:34 Sunrise, and tour of Masada
  • 8:00 Cable car to Masada Visitor center.
  • Optional tour of Masada Musuem.
  • Swim + lunch at Milos hotel at the Dead Sea.
  • Drive to Ramon Crater.

Overnight: Beresheet


Dec 24 (FRI) – Ramon Crater

  • Activites arranged by Santiago. Shabbath Shalom!

Overnight: Beresheet



Dec 25 (SAT) – Desert Relaxation

  • Activities arranged by Santiago.

Overnight: Beresheet


Dec 26 (SUN) – To Tel-Aviv

  • 8:15 Drive to Tel-Aviv.
  • 10:00 Visit Beth Guvrin caves on the way and participate in “Dig for a Day” activity.
  • Joy and Gigi drive with Danny and Pini to Yael Erlichman studio in Ramat Hasharon and the a VIP tour of the Diamond Exchange center.

Overnight: Jaffa Hotel


Dec 27 (MON) – Tour of Jaffa.

  • 10:00 Depart from the hotel by foot. Activities arranged by Santiago.
  • 18:30 Dinner at Taizu.

Overnight: Jaffa Hotel


Dec 28 (TUE) – The Galilee

  • 7:00 Girls’ departure to Tsfat. Explore the Jewish medieval old city, and visit some of its old synagogues.
  • 7:00 boys’ departure to Caesara
  • 11:30 both groups meet in Tsfat.
  • Drive across the Galilee and visit the Rosh Hanikrah grottoes. Painting session at the site.
  • dinner at the hotel.

Overnight: Jaffa Hotel


Dec 29 (WED) – Exploring Tel-Aviv

  • 9:00 PCR tests at the hotel, followed by activities arranged by Santiago
  • 18:00 Dinner at Yaffo-Tel-Aviv.

Overnight: Jaffa Hotel


Dec 30 (THUR) – 1948 in the Shephela

  • 9:30 Depart from the hotel.
  • 10:30 – Tour of the 1948 Secret Bullet Factory (“Machon Ayalon“)
  • Optional drive along the 1948 “Burma Road” and a visit to the 1948 Battles for Jerusalem at Khan Shaar Hagai.
  • (Gigi and Joy stay in Tel-Aviv).
  • Free afternoon
  • 21:30 Minibus to the Airport.
  • 00:55 Departure (UA955) Farewell!!

If you are looking for a private guide through Israel, it starts and ends with Danny. He made our sons Bar Mitzvah journey the most memorable event of his life. Danny’s depth of knowledge is unmatched. His carefree attitude and flexibility made the experience that much better and he kept the kids entertained and engaged throughout the entire journey. Can’t wait to share this experience with everyone we know looking for the same memories we made. Thank you Danny!

Bengy T,. USA

Let me say to you and you may use this as a sincere testimonial: You Danny the Digger are an outstanding guide, educator, archeologist and political pundit providing exciting and most intelligent information to the visitor on events of the past, their impact on the Jewish world and our concerns with the future. I have been to Israel 100+ times but notwithstanding, one always learns particularly from people like you.

Tom H., CJA Chairman, Canada

I recommend his services wholeheartedly for the synagogue group I will be leading this coming October/November. While his certification is currently specific to archaeology, my experience is that he will be fully able to handle the range of explanations that our group will need, in order to have a meaningful tour.

Rabbi Michael P., USA

We have really enjoyed our time with you.. I learned so much from your explanations… I really think I will remember this trip forever. Todah Rabbah!

Dorit Sh., USA

I wanted to thank you for making our first trip to Israel such a spectacular one… You were the perfect guide... You really made the Bible come to life…

Jennifer and Stuart Z., USA

Not only are you a great maggid of the history of the Jewish people and their homeland but you are an awesome photographer. I know that the trip is not over, but it has already exceeded our expectations.

Cliff K., USA

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