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Golan Heights

The Golan Heights is a Basaltic Plateau east of the Sea of Galilee and the Hulah valley.

Following years of Syrian targeting Jewish farms in the Hulah valley, in 1967 Israel captured 2/3 Golan Heights, up to the volcanos facing Quneitra. A Syrian attempt to reclaim the area without a peace agreement in 1973 was successfully blocked, and so it is held by Israel to this day.

In the years of Israeli hold the Golan Heights they witnessed unprecedented development, and so they offer also various tourist attractions –  Avital Volcanic Park Bethsaida ,  Kursi Gamla ,  Umm el-Kanatir Golan-Magic Visitors center 

sussita cathedralDe Karina Chocolatiere Gilabun ,Golan Archaeological Museum , ancient Katzrin Mt. Hermon  Nahal El-Al Nimrod Fortress OZ 77 movie  Rujum el-Hiri Umm el-Kanatir  syngogue, 1973 battle site “Valley of Tears” ,  Mt. Bental , “Kol Shofar“ , and even an ATV tour against the Syrian Border .


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Jewish Interest:      +

Children Interest:       +


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Points of Interest in the Area

hermon from bental Mt. Bental
 gamla scorpio Gamla
 umm el kanatir Umm el-Kanatir